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Maritime Library

Maritime Library is an integral part of Maritime Faculty Kotor from its very foundation in 1959. 

Maritime Library is an integral part of Maritime Faculty Kotor since its establishment   (earlier as a part of Maritime College) in 1959. Its foundation, development and activity are closely linked to all tides that maritime economy was exposed to together with maritime education in Montenegro starting from the second half of 20th century to the present date. Maritime library started to work with a modest collection of specialist literature written in national and foreign languages. Hence, its greatest bloom happened at the end of eighties thank to Captain Božo Dabinović, a shipowner from Monacco. At that time, the library fund was moved to special building where it is stored today.  Benefactor, captain Božo Dabinović, coming from noble maritime family Dabinović  from Dobrota, provided funds for the adaptation of this building exclusively for the needs of Maritime library and dedicated this donation to the memory of his father, professor Antun Stijepov Dabinović.
Maritime Library has a reading room of ten seating places. For students, teachers and teaching assistants from the Maritime Faculty,  Maritime Library presents an irreplaceable basis for preparation and realization of educational and didactic process, and a solid support to their research and scientific work at the Maritime Faculty. Maritime library is a branch of the Central University Library in Podgorica. Today, Maritime library is a modern, professional, higher education library with about 8 thousand titles and over 13 thousand samples of library units. From technical aspect, Maritime library is equipped with 4 PCs, 1 laser printer and 1 photocopy machine. 

Building in which the Maritime Faculty is located today is an important cultural and historical monument on the Montenegro map making this institution more valuable, important and unique together with wealth of professional information relating to shipping stored in its books, periodicals and other contemporary sources of information. Right here, in the building of Maritime library the unification of Boka Kotorska and Montenegro was voted on the joint assembly held in October 1813. On this occasion, a joint government named Central Commission was formed ( with Petar I Petrovic as a chairperson) and for this reason the building of Maritime Library is known as building of Central Commission. Memory on events associated with unification of Boka and Montenegro, with the Library site as a historical scene hosting one of the most significant historical events in our region at the beginning of XIX century, is kept in the memorial room of Maritime library. As regards its architecture, the building reflects typical two-floor palace found in Dobrota owned by ship captains in 18th century. Simplicity of its lines and attractiveness of its location draw attention of passers-by and tourists.  Maritime library is situated in Dobrota, between the church St. Matthew and Kamp settlement.  Its distance from the building of Maritime Faculty is 1.5 km, that is, less from 1 km from the Student dormitory “Spasić – Mašera”.

Users may use electronic (online) catalogue COBISS.CG. Another electronic catalogue named Central Catalogue of Montenegro seafaring is in preparation. It has to be mentioned that all employees of the University of Montenegro have a free access to EBSCO data base if they connect from the academic network. 

Working hours 

- The library is open to users from Monday to Friday from 8am to 04pm.

- In this period users may use comfortable reading room covered by wireless. 

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Maritime Faculty Kotor
Maritime Library
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